Honoring a Hero


Honoring a Hero

CrossFit Pell City, CrossFit Trussville – ReBoot Junior


ReBoot Head to Toe (No Measure)

Head-to-toe warm-up

10-15 repetitions of the following:

Neck rolls

Shoulder rolls

Arm circles

Up & Back swings

Back slaps

Winnie the Poohs

Hip rotations

Inch worms

Plank/Down Dog

Leg Swings

Ankle Rolls

Then, learn & review movements for the workout.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

“ReBoot Jr. Capt Dodd”

3 Minute Shuttle Sprints (down & back across Gym)

Rest 1 minute

Then, AMRAP 7 Minutes of:

12 MB Ground to Overhead

31 Air Squats

Rest 1 minute

3 Minute Max Effort Burpees

Score is total repetitions completed. Total per round in AMRAP = 43 repetitions.


3 for three sons: Easton, Tucker & Sawyer.

7 for years at CPFD

12 for years at OFD

31 for his age