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CFT Youth Weightlifting powered by AllSouth
  • Ages: 11-13
  • Class limit: 10 athletes

Youth Weightlifting Phase 1
This phase is designed to teach youth athletes the foundational movements for weightlifting: squat, press & deadlift. Weights used will remain light, with a focus on proper body mechanics and movement patterns. This phase is a required prerequisite for Phase 2.

Youth Weightlifting Phase 2
This phase is designed to follow Phase 1, and teach athletes the fundamentals of weightlifting: Snatch, and clean & jerk. This is an extremely technically-focused class, designed to develop the movement patterns necessary to properly perform the Olympic lifts.

These classes are extremely focused and intentional. Athletes that sign up must be capable of taking the class seriously and focusing on the task at hand, for their safety and the safety of their classmates!

At the end of each phase, there will be a “test-out” to allow the athletes to move on to the next. As they complete & pass the test-out from phase 2, they will have the opportunity to join “team training.” If athletes want to join the team but don’t pass the test-out, they will have the option to do 1-1’s with Coach to develop what’s needed for advancement.

CFT Sports Performance
  • Ages: 10-13

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